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A song about awakening to how we can all be a ‘dick’ from time to time – for some, a LOT of the time. When the cold smack around the face brought by self-realisation happens, it is a wake-up call to become the person you REALLY are and not the person you THINK you are. Everyone has to at one point or another be honest with themselves and it’s not an easy thing to do…

© Ian Livingstone 2012


When I get my tired ass over this bridge I will be home,
When I've punched that clock for the very last time, I will be home,
When I've dragged these bones over the cobblestones of every back street I will be home,
I'm ready to go...home...

You see I thought I'd see my name in lights,
Shining like a beacon over Broadway,
But I spent my time getting wasted,
I never noticed I was ageing,
'til it hit me, and boy did it hit me,
With what I have become.

When I've been a dick for the very last time I will be home,
When I've wound my neck in and taken my head right out of my ass I will be home,
When I see what has always been sitting right in front of me the whole damn time I will be home,
I'm ready to go...home...

We think we're special, like we're a jewel in a crown,
But mate, this universe will keep on even when you're not around,
As you're clinging on by your fingernails to this life,
Remember you'll never get out of here alive,
So I'll see you in the next world...
…all the Geordie Best…

© Ian Livingstone 2012


from belfastsongs (the demos), released June 4, 2012



all rights reserved


livingstone Belfast, UK

livingstone is a music project from Belfast.


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